I’d encourage single Christians to write out a creed for their lives, their homes, and their ministries— especially those who feel like their best years are being thwarted by having to live with roommates instead of the person of their dreams. (The enemy wants to steal, kill, and destroy, and he’s going to start with the place you spend most of your life and the people with whom you spent it. Don’t let him. Be proactive.)

The pervasive presence of the gospel in your home is going to be your best weapon against the enemy. Preach the gospel to yourself, infuse it into your conversations with your housemates, speak it to whoever comes into your door. Be intentional. Your lease isn’t the only covenant you’re living in right now. Don’t let the opportunity for lasting, meaningful relationship pass you by.

Lore Ferguson, Missional Living Doesn’t Wait for Marriage (via in-barren-places)

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Today, I feel really encouraged. I feel challenged, slightly confused about life, I feel overthought and too inside of my head sometimes but, I feel honest about it. And okay with it.

So there’s that.

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I look for you in all the places I go, and maybe some day I’ll find you. T.B. LaBerge // Unwritten Letters to You (via tblaberge)
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I feel like

Sometimes I am just waiting for that perfect person to just appear out of nowhere and be the answer to all of my questions. And I mean the mediocre ones, like what should I do tonight? Who can I eat dinner with? Should I run or do cross training? Do I hang out in Greenville or in Charleston? Do I buy a plane ticket to somewhere I’ve never been and not come back for a while? How am I… Doing?

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I think I still have rain somewhere in my heart. Kelwyn Sole  (via godmoves)

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I want this as a blanket.
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Happy National Coffee Day, Jerry!

Last night I went to church for the first time in… Years. I’ve been to plenty of church services, but I really was present in church last night. And I’m musically really inspired right now to songwrite. So there’s that.

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"Reeth"- Penny & Sparrow

someday i’ll be good.
one day i’ll be who you think i should.

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